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  • Custom websites for small businesses
  • Client-editable websites via Joomla CMS
  • Website editing training
  • Migrate Joomla websites between major version changes
  • Customize templates, create online forms, event managers etc.
  • Digital photography, photo editing, online photo display
Mark McGilvray Photography Website screenshotBeautiful Photo Albums under CSS Navbar: Photographer Mark McGilvray had beautiful photos and had arranged them into Adobe Web Gallery albums himself, but he wanted a makeover for his website in which to display the albums. Besides arranging Mark's photos and narratives into pages for his new website, I customized the Chrome CSS Drop-Down Menu from Dynamic Drive and used SimpleViewer-Pro to arrange his best photos into attractive albums.

Recent Joomla CMS Websites

Whitemor logo blue letter M Website screenshot Responsive Joomla Website Graphic Designer Sharmila Ranka needed a new portfolio website. She was pleased to learn that the latest Joomla templates let us create ONE web design that automatically adjusts its layout based on the size of the device it's being viewed on. I modified the Gantry Base template to make Sharmila's website's main menu stick to the top of the page. Sharmila found my profile on Yelp.
Caller Number Nine book cover Website screenshot Customize Template to Match Author's Preferences Author Debbie Duncan has had a website since 1997, listing her book reviews and KQED Radio Perspectives. However she'd lost track of how to update her website and needed a fresh look to promote her new eBook. Together we picked a likely looking template from JoomlaShack, she had graphic designer Christy Hale create a header for the template, and I changed the template colors to match.
Automated Vision Systems, Inc. Website screenshot Modernize Website & Connect to Training: The consulting firm of Automated Machine Vision was an early adopter to using the Internet to advertise their business, since their website first went online in 1998. However after ten years the owner was ready for a new look. He wanted to edit the website himself so I created a Content Management System (CMS) website for him. I modified his existing logo to match his new website template, and also installed this new logo into his customized courseware setup.
Finest of Croatia Website screenshot Luxury Vacations in Croatia: Some time after I created the Dreamweaver Template website, the website owner referred me to another travel agent who was also ready for her first website. Since needed much more content, I created the website using the Joomla Content Management System. The travel agent had many stunning photographs of Croatia along with detailed descriptions of her trips, which I organized into an appealing website that showcases the wide experience this travel agent has to offer.

E-Commerce Projects

Robin Myers Imaging dots logo Network Solutions Pro Ecommerce store front page Smooth Transition Between Shopping Carts: My imaging specialist's Miva Merchant store was working well, especially once I replaced the default shipping cost calculator with USPS Advanced from Viking Coders. However client wanted better order processing and discount coupon codes as well as other features offered by the Network Solutions Pro Ecommerce store, so he had me configure a new store for him. By my having both old and new stores in place and simply changing a link on client's main website, the transition between stores was almost instantaneous. Imaging specialist's sales continue at
Robin Myers Imaging Website screenshot Add Ecommerce to Existing Website: Imaging specialist wanted to automate sales by allowing customers to order products online. I configured the Miva Merchant shopping cart with client's products, shipping methods, and payment gateway. I configured the store Look and Feel based on the existing website's design. I advised client on compatible payment gateways and showed him how to manage orders using the store and merchant control panels. I also helped client write store policies pages and Worked with client to integrate online store with existing website. I've since converted the store to a Network Solutions Pro E-Commerce store but you can view screenshots. Testimonial
PhotoTrainer PayPal buttons Photography Class Payments via PayPal: Photographer Tom Upton needed a way for students to enroll and pay online for the classes he teaches. However as part of signing up for a class, he needed students to tell him about their cameras and photography skills. I helped him to design a scheme where pressing on a button next to the desired class on the class schedule page, would lead to a questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire would lead to a secure page on PayPal to pay for that exact class. I added the buttons you can see on the class schedule page to the right, created the questionnaire, and hundreds of students have paid him for their classes this way.

Form showing CAPTCHA Image Verification (CAPTCHA): Eventually spammers also found it convenient to use my client's signup form. I added an image verification test to the form (available at and the spurious signups have stopped.

Note July 2011: Though the online class signups and payments improved the class signup process, as Tom's classes became more popular, he needed a more automated method to keep the class schedule up to date. He's since switched his website to presenting classes and accepting payments via OSCOmmerce, and this way he can even show visitors when a class fills up.
FruitGuys Shipping Calculator Form screenshot Custom Shipping Cost Calculator: As part of my work helping the webmaster at, I created a custom shipping cost calculator for their order form. The shipping department "FruitGuy" gave me a spreadsheet of zip codes and corresponding costs per crate of fruit, and I created a form that let the customer put in a zip code and press a button to find out the cost per crate to ship their order. I wrote a PHP script and JavaScript/AJAX that let the lookup take place without an order form page refresh and Voila! --Customers could check their shipping costs. Fruitguys have since changed their shopping cart, so check out the image to the right to see a screenshot of my shipping calculator form.
PhotoGetaway Website screenshot New web application with e-commerce: My client had a dream of creating his own web business centered around photography. I created a website for him, a place on the web where event photographers presented their photos for sale. To create I: Testimonial

More Websites and Projects

NetAcceleration Enhance Content Management System:, hosting and web design company. See screenshots. I added blog management and issue tracking features to a Content Management System using PHP and MySQL. For blog management, I added blog creation and comment editing features and fixed problems with photo upload. I added a blog display feature to the public view. For issue tracking, I added a filter bar so site managers can filter bug reports by category, priority, status, etc.
Monitrix, Inc. Enhance existing web application: Monitrix, Inc., data-driven PHP questionnaire: Improved online patient daily diary for pain management study. Improved questionnaire completion rate by color coding calendar and adding progress indicator bar, populating these features via information queried from the database. Solved problem of excessive download time for a data-heavy page by switching to AJAX for query of only relevant data as needed. Studied existing code to specify best plan for changes, worked with team to specify database changes, and modified existing PHP and JavaScript code to complete the changes. Testimonial
Pacific Atlantic Electronics New catalog website:, a niche business for electronic pulse generators. I converted my client's product catalog to web pages. Now, his customers like to browse the product specifications without having to call him. Testimonial

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