Friends of the Library Website Makover: had a good-looking website already, but it was created from custom code that was difficult for the volunteers to update. Just launched in November 2016, the new website lets the new web team […]

Library Friends Website Makeover

This landscape designer’s website looked great but we didn’t know how to update it and the original developer was too busy to help her.  I converted the website into Joomla with a new home page slideshow highlighting her best work. […]

Showing Off Best Garden Designs

We know that even in the days of Yelp, Facebook and LinkedIn, a website is important to provide credibility for our business.  This Cupertino plumber had no control over his aging website.  I combined his advertising text and excellent Yelp […]

New Slideshow and Photo Gallery

Bicycle Exchange was growing, and spinning off from its parent Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition meant they needed a website of their own. A few “regular volunteers” designed the website’s content and I implemented the new website, at Features include: […]

New Website for Growing Non-Profit

In 2014 this non-profit needed to find a new web developer, especially because it was time to migrate their Joomla website from 2.5 to 3.x. The necessary Joomla 2.5 template was not available for Joomla 3.x, but they wanted to […]

Upgrade Large Joomla Website

Graphic Designer Sharmila R. needed a new portfolio website.  She was pleased to learn that the latest Joomla templates let us create one web design that automatically adjusts its layout based on the size of the viewing device.  Her new […]

Graphic Designer’s Portfolio

An ultrasound engineer wanted the simplicity of a static HTML website that he could update later (rather than a website built with a CMS like Joomla). I selected an appropriate template from ThemeForest and adapted it to suit Chris’ content, including […]

All the Right Features

Neuroscience consultant Dr. Kenneth W. had outgrown his website that originally presented science experiments as an aid to grade-school teachers. He needed a website that focused on his research and publications on “brain-considerate” learning environments. He kept the domain name […]

Place for Publications and Conference Slides

Or … Fun with Carol’s Favorite Joomla Templates   Protostar: Both Glen Canyon Properties and Jonathan Sweet Law websites use Joomla’s built-in Protostar template, along with an old version of the SPARC website that I developed. Using the Joomla CSS override […]

Custom Looks That Match Your Business